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How high-performance coaching can help you

The world of work has changed radically since the last century. The balance of employees have shifted from operatives, who have largely been replaced by machines, to knowledge workers who are employed for their expertise and application of their knowledge.

In the same way that we would oil and service our machines, so too we need to “service and support” our knowledge workers to enable them to optimise their performance in the evolving world of work.

Laser coaching sits nicely within the lean ideals of providing “just in time” support to employees to deal with challenges before they escalate into wider reaching problems.

“Prevention is better than cure”

Let's talk numbers



56% of coached business owners had increased their workforce in the past 12 months.
Compared with just 14% of non-coached businesses



The benefits of
affordable business coaching

Research demonstrates that higher levels of employee engagement are linked to better talent outcomes, individual performance as well as organizational performance.

Secondly, in these rapidly evolving working environments, human connection and engagement are key assets that reframe relative impact to tangible retention avoiding high cost of replacement. Today’s hybrid working environments demand for engagement and a result-oriented sense of belonging, up skill and growth.

Employees, being recognized as part of a winning team prove to be more engaged.  Our accredited and experienced coaches can help them to thrive rather than strive. 

“Decades of data have confirmed that higher employee engagement, or the strength of the mental and emotional connection an employee feels toward their workplace, has many positive benefits — including reduced stress, improved health and job satisfaction, as well as increased productivity, job retention, and profitability.” (Peart, 2019)


A recent report by Glint and LinkedIn Learning (2021) looked how managers are doing and how their jobs are changing. They identified four key takeaways

  1. Despite the all-consuming challenges of a global pandemic, employee engagement among managers rose 5% in 2020
  2. But there’s reason to worry: between Q1 and Q4 of 2020, manager burnout increased 78%
  3. Today’s managers face important new challenges:
    1. Supporting well-being
    2. Remote and hybrid teams
    3. Workplace learning
  4. One priority stands out as a powerful force for good: belonging. Employees who felt a sense of belonging in 2020 were 5.2x more likely to be engaged

Source: Glint – The state of the manager with LinkedIn Learning, 2021

Why Kokua HUb coaching
pays off


You define the goals and the key performance indicators, informing a bespoke and individualised coaching approach.


By pairing your business goals with the Kokua Hub  laser focused coaching sessions, you will be able to steer and motivate your employees more efficiently and more effectively in an inclusive and motivating way, with a learning and development approach rather than just cascading directives.

We partner with your leadership team to develop and implement custom solutions driven by a powerful coaching culture.

Coaching grows Positive employees

In a world of accelerating change, hybrid work and more remote schedules, human connections are more important than ever, supporting engagement and employee retention.

Kokua Hub strengthens these connections, working with you to help  your employees to learn and grow, leveraging engagement to enhance teamwork and achieve higher performance.

Gallup research confirms that an increase in positive employee engagement leads to a measurable increase in productivity.

"What coaches say
about kokua Hub..."

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