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Get easy access to a certified professional coach who can help you think through and rationalize your challenges to identify the best  solution for you and the company.

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Who is

Kokua Hub

We help employees to manage everyday challenges. We are a group of entrepreneurs, from different corners of the world. Rooted in different industries, young at heart, ambitious and eager to help out. We found each other in 2020 and decided to pursue our common believe in a great idea : to create a digital platform allowing coaching at scale.

Kokua is the Hawaiian word for helping out with clear intention. Together with our certified professional coaches and through our digital platform, The Kokua hub, we are set to help employees around the world.

Our purpose : We help employees thrive by managing their way through daily work and life challenges.

Stronger Together

The work of our coaches will reinforce and help support the transfer of learning from internal personal effectiveness or leadership development programmes.

Ready to help

The digital platform is available 24/7 at a few simple clicks away. We endavour to have a coach matched and available to you within the same day.


Our coaches are all certified with two of the globally recognised coaching federations.
Our digital platform is GDPR compliant.


Kokua Hub works

Like most of us, you are constantly striving for happier, more fulfilled and engaged employees. Healthy organisations not only generally report higher job satisfaction, lower fallout but also increased revenu and profits.

Through our platform, employees choose from our range of certified coaches, and book an online coaching session at a time and day that suits the employee best.

Global reach



We are currently located on three continents working with our coaches of a truly international reach,
cultural diversity and speaking over ten different languages.


Certified coaches

All of our coaches are passionate about helping others to help themselves as they navigate the “chartered and unchartered waters” of the world of work.

Our coaches are all certified with two of the globally recognised coaching federations and have many years experience supporting employees to thrive in the work context.

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